Medium’s Partner Program — As Broken as the Rest of this Site

As most Medium users are aware of, Medium changed the requirements to join and be part of their Partner Program, which should have come into effect this month. Should have — I am still part of it, even if I should not be.

If I would not have checked an old post of mine to quickly copy and paste some specs of one of my devices, I likely would not have noticed that Medium sent me a notification two days ago, requesting me to simply re-submit my address and tax ID. No notification or email advising me to promote my blog more to reach 100 followers and stay eligible, and not even an email notifying me directly of the tax information request. My dashboard tells me that I will get paid $0.20 next month. Verification of my tax information happened instantaneously.

Since I decided to abandon this blog in August, shortly after Medium announced to change their requirements, I did not pay any attention to Medium or any news dealing with this platform up until now. A quick search reveals that I did not miss anything; no external news — yes, not even news about new acquisitions or the latest user numbers/visits — have been published since I left Medium behind and migrated to an instance on WriteFreely. Strangely enough, nothing seemed to happen on Medium, either, as another search does not lead me to any recent posts discussing anything related to Medium that was not published by Medium directly or a clickbait account. No one, besides me, seems to even have noticed that Medium still has to enforce their new Partner Program requirements.

Medium is Entirely Broken (unintentionally sounding like clickbait; nah, it is REALLY that bad)

In 2020, I briefly covered Medium’s most recent attempt at re-branding their blogging platform and addressed the major differences between their old and new interfaces. Assuming that the old app for iOS should be unusable by now, I still decided to quickly open it, only to come to the conclusion that Medium itself is still unable to correctly calculate my followers count. While the most recent version and its web interface state that I have got 75 followers, version 3.135.48802 of their iOS app claims that my blog accumulated 81, while the rest — even the now completely hidden “Featured Post”, “Claps” and “Responses” sections — still work. Hell, when editing this post, I successfully uploaded this screenshot without any hassles.

Still the opposite of transparent happens to be the basis on how Medium calculates payments. It still is as random as when it was first introduced. The $0.20 I am expecting were generated by an old review of the Linux distribution “Archcraft”, which has got a few thousand users, at best, and is largely unknown to the vast majority of Linux users. (Hey, not judging the poor soul paying for a Medium membership but seriously, why)

And just before publishing this ramble, I finally got the reminder I was waiting for. As my NoScript’s settings were very strict, I first assumed that maybe this is why I did not receive it initially… until I remembered that I already granted permission to the necessary JavaScript when re-submitting my tax information… which got accepted instantly.

This begs the question: Do I have to kick myself out or shall I test how long it will take Medium to do it themselves… or if they will ever do it?

Despite still being part of their Partner Program, my migration to a different site has proven to be more beneficial overall. Medium, at least based on the sheer lack of transparency for several years, appears to become more fishy and just straight up a pain even for the most basic things like checking how many followers users really have. The only partial support for Markdown adds the cherry on top of this rotting cake; still no support for code blocks and tables, still only two types of headlines. And the sheer amount of JavaScript Medium demands to provide basic functions, such as showing a post in its entirety, is pathetic, considering my new blog is entirely free of JavaScript for readers. Personally, I could not give less of a damn if Medium will end my Partner Program membership on their own at some point or remain at this conflicting state; most posts published on this site and promoted by Medium suck ass.

Addendum (16 February): I finally received an email, notifying me of my ending membership on the 2nd of March. Because of this, I have decided to remove all of my currently paywalled posts on the day my membership ends, as the lack of it results in posts reaching even less people, and half of said posts no longer happen to be of any relevance, anyway. Perhaps it is long overdue to just wipe this blog clean and never visit this site again, after using it for approximately six years. Medium is a terrible site.




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Maria M.

Migrated to WriteFreely:

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