GNU/Linux Distribution Test: elementary OS 6 “Odin”



Live System


Using my laptop running on Archcraft, I finished writing my review.
(At this point, I could not be bothered to crop my screenshots anymore.)


  1. Users have to add flathub to their refs by hand. Although it might not be the hardest thing to do for intermediate users, searching for and copy/pasting a command into a Terminal emulator not only takes some time but simply is not something the average end user can deal with easily. In fact, casual users choosing elementary expect from a Beginners’ distribution to never have to deal with a command-line interface. Why the developers leave that task to end users is something I personally struggle to comprehend.
  2. Flatpaks are slower and less secure than .deb packages. Ask any Linux user about flatpak and why it is not the standard package management among all distributions. Based on digging through several Linux forums and comments below news articles, most Linux users rely on flatpak as a last resort, if their package management does not offer their desired software. A lack of desired packages is not a problem among Debian-based distributions and Ubuntu, elementary OS’ basis, directly profiting off both Debian’s and its own popular ecosystem. Even worse, the security of flatpaks are heavily doubted to the point it caused the creation of a website called flatkill that explains in detail why flatpaks are “bad”. This, in return, goes against elementary’s claim that Odin is a secure OS.


A reply to an user asking for a way to install .deb packages



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